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With the huge and ever growing number of education providers in Australia, choosing which type of institution to study with can be daunting. However, if you are looking for clear pathways into the workforce or higher education there are many advantages for international students to be found in studying through the "Australian Technical and Further Education System (TAFE)".

TAFE Australia

TAFE is a government-owned and nationally operated system of colleges. TAFE is offering qualifications that are recognized and transferable internationally. The focus in TAFE is on hands-on, practical training with key competencies worked into every course that are thought to be essential for people entering the workforce. Courses are developed in consultation with business and industry to ensure the skills are relevant and in demand.

TAFE Australia Qualifications

TAFE Australia Pathways

Studying at TAFE also provides a pathway to university education where Diploma graduates can receive up to one or two year's credit towards a related university degree, through a system of credit transfer arrangements established with universities across Australia. To ensure that students get the most out of their study experience TAFE colleges also offer a broad range of student support services.  From orientation and activity programs to assistance with housing and counseling, TAFE colleges aim to offer a secure and supportive environment to all students.