Western Australia

About Western Australia

Western Australia is renowned for itís beauty and fresh lifestyle. Itís not only one of the cleanest and friendliest states of Australia, but also one of the cheapest to live in. The weather is great, and typically Australian. Blue sunny skies and warm weather, make it perfect to live a relaxed outdoor lifestyle.

Perth is Western Australiaís fast growing capital city. Renowned for itís youthful character, it is ideal for international students. Western Australia's state population is about 2 million people. The state is situated next to South Australia and the Northern territory. It has a few smaller cities; a popular one is Fremantle, a harbor city, only 28km away from Perth. Fremantle is a colorful artistic society, it hosts many street markets and has a renowned restaurant and cafea culture.

There are many similar little cities and towns in Western Australia, as well as many tourist attractions and famous holiday resorts. Needless to say that there is so much more to explore in Western Australia, and it is easy to have great experiences and fun times.

The time zone is the same as in most parts of Asia. Western Australia is only a short flight from capital cities in Asia and the Gulf States away.


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Western Australia